Planning Your Move to Washington, DC

By November 1, 2016Moving Preparation

Moving to Washington, DC? The nation’s capital will lure you in to her charm and beauty and will undoubtedly distract you from the many moving tasks ahead. But preparing ahead of your move will help alleviate stress and save you time and hassle on the ground, leaving you more time to explore the many beautiful monuments, parks and museums once you finally arrive!

A simple but essential first task is organizing all of the important documents that you will need to secure a new home, bank account, social security number, drivers license, etc. Important health records are needed to register children in schools or daycare.

  1. Download and use a the Checklist of Important Documents.
  2. Order extra copies when ever possible, and keep all copies in a safe and secure place at all times.
  3. Familiarize yourself with Steps and Procedures for a smooth relocation. 
  4.  Have Renting Basics in hand to start the application process

If your relocation package allows, take a preview tour, and visit the Greater Washington communities you are considering. It’s helpful to get a full overview before you begin the housing search, to help narrow down the search and select your ideal community and neighborhood. Once you have 2-3 neighborhoods that are a good match for your needs, budget and lifestyle, you’ll be able to make a decision quickly when the right housing comes along. The Washington, DC rental market is like many other highly desirable urban centers, multiple applications for the best apartments can add stress to an already difficult process, so having your documents and financials in order will put you in a good position quickly.



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