Housing and Schools in Greater Washington

By January 10, 2017Schools

Finding the right school for your child, can be an overwhelming task for people relocating to the Washington, DC region. Fortunately, there are excellent public school districts in the region and many outstanding private schools for you to choose from. That said, the bigger challenge is finding a great school that is right for your child while looking for a the best neighborhood and home to match the family’s needs and budget. To complicate things further, you have to consider commute times and the various options for transportation. Rest assured, the best realtor or rental property agents  know how the school search and housing needs go together, and can help you make smart decisions, while taking into consideration the many variables that are important to you.

By carefully researching the Greater Washington Area Schools,  and whenever possible, visiting the schools and communities ahead of your move, will help narrow down choices, making the decision easier. There are some helpful resources to help you get started with choosing the right public school for your child – see the following; PBS and United States Department of Education to get started.  If private schools are a consideration, there are also excellent local school consultants who have in depth understanding, eyes on the ground and good working relationships with the local private school admission offices. Fees range from hourly to a flat rate for a comprehensive school matching service.

You’ll find excellent resources for researching the essential information and data on schools, housing and transportation in the ARIVA Resources section under Community Resources.

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