Must-Know for Driver’s License

By February 22, 2017Government Services

If you’ve ever had a Driver’s License and are moving to a new city, here are some tips on how to obtain a license for your new home STATE.  Driver’s Licenses are issued by each STATE in the USA.  So, let’s say you move from Colorado to Washington DC.  In Colorado, you needed a car, and had a Driver’s License.  In Washington DC, you don’t need a car – you take Uber, Lyft, Car2Go, Split, or public transportation.  So, you forget all about your Driver’s License because you don’t use it.  Then, you decide to rent a car, buy a car or move to Maryland (where you might need a car!).  Oops, your Colorado Driver’s License expired!  And, you can’t find it so you don’t know your DL number to even ask for a replacement or a record of your driving history.  That creates a situation…..

Well, it’s easy!  If you already have a Driver’s License, DO NOT LET IT EXPIRE before obtaining a new one in your new home State.  And, always have the number written down someplace, along with the expiration date.  Better yet, take a picture of it with your phone.  (Remember the situation?  To get a record you might need that……or else, you have to start all over again with Permits, Tests, Drive Tests)

Any State will require you to prove your IDENTITY, your AGE, your ELIGIBILITY and your RESIDENCY.  This will typically require TWO forms of Identification.  Your current UNEXPIRED Driver’s License will work as a form of IDENTITY and AGE.  You will need a second form of ID – like a Social Security Card (yes original), and mail from a utility or lease sent to you, in your current State.

New to the USA?  You will need a Passport with Visa, a Social Security Card (proves eligibility) and a Letter of Employment (current) usually to apply for a Driver’s License.   Don’t forget to bring along your Home Country Driver’s License.  Before it expires, be certain to apply for a new license in the USA.  Each State has a few of their own requirements, but life is just easier if you’ve already passed the driving test once.


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