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By July 12, 2016Healthcare

With over 190 different medical centers and over half a million patients, MedStar Health is the largest healthcare provider in Maryland and Washington, D.C. region. The vast amount of these medical centers makes receiving health care easy and accessible for patients. If you are living and working in the greater D.C. region, then you already know that accessibility is key… especially in regards to medical care. Accessibility is only one of the benefits that MedStar provides; MedStar is founded on the vision of “being trusted leaders in caring for people and advancing health”, and built on the values of service; patient first; integrity; respect; innovation; and teamwork. In addition, MedStar has made a commitment to their patients to ensure zero preventable harm, provide the highest quality of care, and to remain transparent in regards to successes and areas in which they are working to improve. In order to maintain this patient-centered care environment, providers engage in informed consent and mutual decision-making with their patients.

In 2015, MedStar had 204,528 inpatient stays, while having over 4 million outpatient visits. MedStar is committed to keeping patients out of the hospital and engaged with their normal routines. In addition, MedStart used over $4 billion dollars, in 2015, caring for their patients.That same year, MedStar won the ACTION III Award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Because MedStar operates on a non-for-profit mission, they are dedicated to reinvesting in the health and wellness of the communities they serve, and hold themselves accountable for the people they serve.


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MedStar Georgetown University Hospital International Services supports embassies and international organizations located in Washington, D.C. Contact them at: 202-444-1588

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