Summer is here and now is the time to find the ideal summer camp for your child. The Washington, DC area has something for every child, interest, and budget. Many factors will be taken into consideration when selecting a summer camp; price, location, interests, schedule, purpose. We’ve collected some great resources to provide you with a quick look at what Summer Camps are available in the DC area.

Here are a few of our favorites:

OUTDOORS – Get outside and in the water and woods for some real adventure, outdoor recreational skill learning, get loud and move. Enough with books, tests, and tablets – get outside and get moving.

Northern Virginia:

Adventure Links Day Camps at Hemlock Overlook Regional Park.


CULTURAL – Enjoy the summer to immerse your child into exploring other cultures without leaving home! These camps offer language immersion programs through fun activities like crafting, singing, and dancing.

Washington, DC:

WIS Summer Language Camp

Mis Amigos Camp

Day Camps – Alliance Française de Washington, DC


SCHOOL-BASED – These top-notch school-based camps will make you wish you were still a kid! They englobe different types of activities and programs, such as summer studies and day camps.

Washington, DC and Bethesda, MD:

McLean, VA:

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