Washington, DC, and the greater surrounding area is frequently referred to as one of the most active cities in the country. The American Fitness Index ranked DC #2 of the top 20 active U.S. cities. The reason DC is placed in the top tier, despite its location in presumably one of the busiest towns in America, is due to the incredible resources available to local residents. The community is an important part of what makes living in the Greater Washington area so valuable, and there are a number of organizations dedicated to bringing locals together through team sports. Beyond recreational teams, the area is brimming with opportunity to exercise outdoors in groups, with a partner, or solo. We’ve handpicked and highlighted below the best resources to get you started and help you decide how you want to make DC active. Find what works for you!


Team Sports

Local team sports are a great way to make friends outside the office, decompress, and socialize while you get your workout in.

Studios, Events, and Classes

If you want to build routine into your weekly workout schedule, while meeting people in the area, workout classes and events are a great method.

Biking to Work

Many DMV residents bike to the office, knocking out their workout early and saving the environment at the same time. While some own their own bikes, it is also easy for locals who don’t own a bike to use Capital Bikeshare and similar. Below are handpicked resources to inform you about biking around the city.

Running, Walking and Hiking Paths

Running and walking are the cheapest ways to get exercise and enjoy the scenic monuments and local geography. The surrounding geography also lends itself to some gorgeous weekend hikes.

Water Sports

The Potomac River is a source of enjoyment and activity for Washingtonians. Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and many other water activities are an essential part of staying cool during spring and summer in the DMV area.




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